Photo: Anna Maynard

Photo: Anna Maynard

Brian Johnson’s approach to design is creation always – and all ways.

Well traveled in heart, mind and body, he guides his clients on a process-based journey that yokes together ink, paper, typography, images, photography and other media to craft unique design. The final work tells the story of his clients in their voice, often in a way that they had never bear considered, but that rings true and clear.

Brian draws on the beauty in all things and all experiences to tell the truth of his clients’ stories. He fuses together his skills as an artist, researcher, teacher, designer, detective, brainstormer, consultant, and a maker of things, while holding space for his clients as they together invent something that has never before existed.

An artist from the sale of his first painting as a kindergartener, Brian has always explored life at all levels, continually expanding his base of experience form which his designs originate. Emotionality, culture, art, society, history, money, food, and other elements of life are all woven together into the formation of his visual objects.

Self-taught and schooled in many art forms from an early age, Brian later formalized his design education at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). Here he learned his craft from the foundation up, as well as the critical skills of process, which, more than anything, are the underpinnings of every great design.

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